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China Climate Alert is a weekly flagship product of Greennovation Hub, which aims to provide timely, effective and free news, analysis and resources for opinion leaders and decision makers in climate and energy sectors. Climate Alert focuses on key moments in global and domestic climate governance, and practices of exploring low-carbon economies at home and abroad. Our timely reporting and analysis with a global outlook aims to create an indispensable information platform for climate and energy stakeholders, to generate discussions about climate action and energy transformation among a wider audience, and to promote the society to form concerted efforts to cope with climate change. Since its commencement in 2013, Greennovation Hub has published more than 200 issues of China Climate Alert.

Opportunities and Challenges of Belt and Road Overseas Investment in the Power Sector under the Paris Agreement – Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan

To promote BRI investments to align with the pathway necessary to achieve the Paris Agreement, this study aims to assess the demand for energy transition in selected Asian developing countries, establish the baseline for power investment based on NDC targets, and provide recommendations for policy makers and investors to promote China help other developing countries implement the Agreement.

The agenda of side events for Belt and Road Green Development and Climate Governance

Green and Road Green Development Partnership looks forward to your attendance.

ImpactAlpha | Climate action is China’s chance to step up to superpower leadership

China has so far exceeded (low) expectations for cutting emissions — but can it save the planet?

China Daily | Expert: Nation is on track for carbon target

China is on track to uphold commitments under the Paris climate accord, but some developed countries need to show their sincerity to push the ongoing dialogue forward, according to China’s top climate envoy.

China Daily | China to play bigger role in climate talks

Nation vows to do best to fulfill green pledges, push forward Paris Agreement.

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