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Greenovation Hub is an environmental Think-Do organization with a global outlook.


We promote the development and implementation of sound climate and environmental friendly policies through conducting in-depth analysis and research, and fostering dialogues among stakeholders, in order to drive China’s green transition towards a sustainable, equitable and climate resilient future, contributing to the reduction of global ecological footprint.


In order to lead the youth to focus on the environment, climate change, energy transition and green finance, we launched ourINTERN PROJECT”.



Scrupulous, responsible and communicative;

Eager to explore and improve individual’s abilities;

Enthusiastic about public welfare with the spirit of dedication;

Expecting to be devoted to the environment field, and take actions;


The internship requires a commitment of a minimum of 3 days per week, and will last for at least 3 months continually;

Hold at least a bachelor degree in a relevant major, Environmental Science & Policy, Law, International Relations, Economics, Finance, and Sociology are preferred;

Be comfortable to communicate in English at an intermediate level at minimum.


Work with a minded, enthusiastic, efficient and professional team;

A team with many years’ experience in climate change, energy policies and international negotiation;

Obtain the latest information on climate change, green finance, oversea investment and the Belt and the Road Initiative;

Attend professional meetings and trainings to improve individual’s working abilities;

Get knowing the operation of an NGO, keep in-depth contact with experts in the environmental field.


G:HUB has witnessed the growth of excellent interns since 2013. Let’s see what they have obtained from G:HUB.



The University of Nottingham Ningbo China   2017-2018     Climate and Energy Sector


I appreciate the 10-month internship opportunity at G:HUB, which helped me learn and grow both professionally and as a person. The climate change work in which I participated in has enriched my experiences, broadened my outlook on international issues, and cultivated a new way of critical thinking and understanding for the meaning of justice. In addition, the welcoming working environment has made me feel like home. I have received much help and support from my colleagues and my supervisors, who are professional insightful yet collaborative and caring at the same time. G:HUB has offered me a great platform for learning––I have received the most up-to-date information about global climate change, exchanged ideas with experts of the field, and attended high-quality conferences in this industry. With the experiences gained in my internship at G:HUB, I will continue to improve my working expertise and to pursue my future career. Looking back, it’s been a fulfilled year-off, and my gratitude for G:HUB is beyond words.


LI Zhihan  

The University of Melbourne   2018      Communication Department  


Every day has been so natural and full of surprises when I was in GHUB. As a student doing environmental study, I feel so lucky joining this lovely team and experiencing the free but professional working atmosphere. During these three months of study and work, I get a deeper and more practical understanding of my major, also able to grasp some skills that I have never been familiar with. I really appreciate the friendliness, patience and tolerance that I have got from every colleague in GHUB. Being inspired by everyone, I will insist doing what I am really passionate about and try my best to do it well.


SONG Xiaowen  

Beijing Foreign Studies University   2017-2018      BRI Green Development Sector


With strong passion and high expectation, I joined Greenovation Hub as an intern in the fall of 2017. This valuable internship experience has not only prompted me to be a skilled researcher but given me much more to think and feel. In four months, I have improved my working ability and gained insights on how NGOs work from daily practice and deepened my understandings in environmental issues, especially, in the green development of the Belt and Road. In addition, during this internship program, taking after the example set by my colleagues, I have become more aware of the possible direction of my life and developed more courage to realize my aspirations in the future. I have to express my sincere gratitude to everyone in G: Hub, especially to my supervisor, for their constant care and encouragement. Undoubtedly, I feel happy and lucky to be a member of the G: Hub family!


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As we receive many applications for the advertised positions, we are unable to respond to applicants who are not invited for an interview. We apologize for this in advance.

We will send an email notification to suitable candidates within 5 working days after receiving the application. If you don’t receive the email, your resume will enter our talent pool. All information collected is for recruitment purpose only.


Deadline: Oct. 31st 2018

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