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The UN agenda of Sustainable Development
When we discuss the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs) today, we have to trace back to half of a century ago, when the idea of sustainable development was started from the Conference of Human Environment in 1972 and i...
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“Green Finance Promotes Green Economy Forum” (Agenda –Appendix 1) officially launched at Tianjin one day before the opening of “2012 Summer World Economy Forum” to mark the first-ever civil dialogue between Chinese business leaders, policy makers and Chinese civil societies on the topic of Green finance.


This report showcases various examples of how civil society in China is involved in promoting sustainable development. It also indicates how China’s green transformation is still in its infancy and has much to improve on.


《中国可持续发展回顾和思考 1992-2011:民间社会的视角》分别从减贫,公共健康,性别平等,到公共参与、国家能力建设和国际合作,从可持续生产消费,环境友好技术转移,到绿色金融,从气候变化、能源,水资源保護,到生物多样性,空气污染,荒漠化来阐述回顾中国过去二十年可持续发展的历程。


《建立一个平等的绿色经济》是一个对实际经验的梳理运用和对全球机会的探索。我们试图明 确“绿色经济”这一作为帮助促进可持续发展、但还未得到具体定义的工具。这同时也是一次基础性的实践 , 我们需要联系全球背景提供的机会(如 1992《里约原则》)和向可持 续发展的公平转变的现实意义来定义公平的绿色经济。在此过程中,我们会继续寻找一个” 灵活”的定义去解释“公平”以及执行的方案。


Over the past three decades, China has achieved remarkable economic and social development. However, this extensive development has also been characterized by high levels of pollution and energy consumption, and has invited wide criticism from the international community. Many wonder if today’s “factory of the world” can indeed be a champion of global sustainability for tomorrow. In fact, corporations in China are piloting a great many measures to protect the environment – some with remarkable achievements.

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