A Glance at the Global Environmental Governance | Revisit Sustainable Development at Stockholm+50


This briefing serves as a reference for the 1st training session of the Chinese Social Organization’s Contribution to Global Ecological and Environmental Governance: Stocktaking of the Sustainable Development Agenda and Global Environmental Governance. We hope that the briefing will provide participating partner organizations with a “fast track” into relevant international environmental processes.

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Publication Date:2022




The year 2022 is the "Super Year of Biodiversity", and a number of environmental processes are at a critical stage of negotiation. Greenovation Hub is ready to work with more partners to seize the opportunity to contribute the wisdom of the Chinese people in the global environmental governance arena. We hope that this briefing, together with the training and other knowledge products we have organized, will provide participating partner organizations with a "fast track" into relevant international processes based on their own expertise, and serve as a "signpost" for strengthening corresponding business and development linkages to "go global". This article focus on six themes: from Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development to Ecological Civilization, International Environmental Law and International Environmental Regime, Global Commons, Common Heritage of Mankind and Common Concern of Humankind; Common but Differentiated Responsibilities; Precautionary Principle in International Environmental Law; from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals, looking back 50 years of global environmental development cooperation process and results since the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment.