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China Daily | China to play bigger role in climate talks
China Today | U.S. Departure from Paris Agreement Cannot Stop Low-carbon Trend
China Daily | Beijing’s actions on climate recognized

Can China’s new Arctic policy protect the region’s delicate ecology?


Inspection Panel Chairman Gonzalo Castro de la Mata and Panel Member Jan Mattsson joined representatives of other Independent Accountability Mechanisms took part in a one-day workshop with Chinese banks with substantial overseas investments in the context of the country’s One Belt, One Road Initiative to discuss adherence to highest environmental and social standards and the establishment of redress mechanisms. The workshop was organized by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Banking Association, the Green Finance Committee of the China Society for Finance and Banking, and the Greenovation Hub.


China has so far exceeded (low) expectations for cutting emissions — but can it save the planet?

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In October 25-26 2017, more than 30 experts and activists interested in the BRICS New Development Bank from NGOs and CSOs had an engagement meeting with members of the NDB’s top management including the NDB President Mr. K.V.Kamath and staff from various divisions of the NDB. Greenovation Hub has attended and spoke in this meeting as a grass-root environmental NGO.


China is on track to uphold commitments under the Paris climate accord, but some developed countries need to show their sincerity to push the ongoing dialogue forward, according to China’s top climate envoy.


Nation vows to do best to fulfill green pledges, push forward Paris Agreement.

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