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Banking Sector’s Renewable Energy Investment Strategies and Policies Analysis under the Paris Agreement
A Glance at the Global Environmental Governance | Revisit Sustainable Development at Stockholm+50
Conserving our common heritage | The role of Chinese banks in World Natural Heritage protection
Jointly Promoting Coordinated Development towards Kunming Outcomes: Scoping Biodiversity Finance in ASEAN Countries

This report reviews the objectives, policies and support measures of international and Chinese financial institutions in relation to renewable energy investment and financing from four aspects, and proposes recommendations for Chinese financial institutions to improve the policy framework and practices in supporting renewable energies to contribute to the implementation of the dual carbon targets and the Paris Agreement.


This briefing serves as a reference for the 1st training session of the Chinese Social Organization’s Contribution to Global Ecological and Environmental Governance: Stocktaking of the Sustainable Development Agenda and Global Environmental Governance. We hope that the briefing will provide participating partner organizations with a “fast track” into relevant international environmental processes.


Against the background of the current status and challenges of global climate finance, this report highlights Germany’s experience on international climate finance, through methodologies such as desk research and expert interview. This report proposes recommendations for China’s public finance to achieve climate-resilient international cooperation.


This report analyses the experiences of international financial institutions in adopting gender mainstreaming. This report proposes a reference framework for financial institutions to conduct gender-responsive investment and financing activities from three aspects: institutional governance, investments, and other activities such as external partnerships. It also proposes specific recommendations for Chinese policy banks and commercial financial institutions.

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