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Blue Finance: Narratives, Practice and Future Priorities for China
A Glance at the Global Biodiversity Governance | Build the Foundation for the Next Decade
Banking Sector’s Renewable Energy Investment Strategies and Policies Analysis under the Paris Agreement
A Glance at the Global Environmental Governance | Revisit Sustainable Development at Stockholm+50

Through policy combing and comparison, expert interviews, and workshops, this study brings together the thinking and perspectives of Chinese and foreign experts on the synergies between climate change and ocean policy, and provides a preliminary identification of priority areas for future bilateral cooperation.


With an overview of tools applicable to the planning of large-scale marine protected areas, this report provides information and possible approaches for the future planning of large-scale marine protected areas and global ocean governance, to further enhance the understanding of large-scale marine protected areas among the public.


This study considers that blue finance could paly a more positive role in the sustainable development of ocean economy and proposes suggestions for future priorities for China.


This briefing paper provides an overview of Convention on Biological Diversity, focusing on the history, the operation and decision-making mechanism, multiple strategy plans and their implementation, two protocols under Convention on Biological Diversity, and the implementation progress in China, with the aim to help participants catch up on the progress of global biodiversity governance.

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