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Protect the Ocean: How Much is Enough? Discussions on the Global Ocean Protection Target
Pathway to Kunming and Beyond | A Guide for China’s Banks to Identify and Manage Biodiversity Risks
Marine Consevation and CBD
Opportunities and Challenges for China’s Renewable Energy Overseas Investment Case Country Study (Vietnam)

This report reviews the historical evolution of the targets for global ocean protection, and references major discussions in both academic and policy areas, including the theoretical basis for the targets and the debates over the targets’ effectiveness. GHUB’s suggestions are also provided.


The guide demonstrates banks’ potential contribution to biodiversity conservation, the importance of identifying and managing banks’ biodiversity risks, and provide policy proposals for Chinese banks based on advanced international practices.


This quick-read material consisting of several briefings has mapped out key issues and background information on the relationship between the ocean and the CBD. It has been produced for partners interested in the post-2020 biodiversity process.


With Vietnam as an example, this report analyzes the status quo and trend of renewable energy and power planning, action against climate change, environmental laws & regulations and governance objectives, and cooperation with China in the field of energy and power under the BRI. It also discussed the barriers, risks and opportunities faced by China in its investment in renewable energy in Vietnam. While it also provides practical suggestions for the Chinese government, financial institutions, enterprises and the Vietnamese government on policy support, action is needed to promote China’s investments in renewable energy in Vietnam.

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