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Marine Consevation and CBD
Opportunities and Challenges for China’s Renewable Energy Overseas Investment Case Country Study (Vietnam)
Investment and Financing Models, Challenges and Recommendations of Renewable Energy Projects by Chinese Companies in the Belt and Road Countries
Opportunities and Challenges of Belt and Road Overseas Investment in the Power Sector under the Paris Agreement – Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan

China’s role in global climate governance is increasingly important, which requires South-South Cooperation on Climate Change to provide “soft power” support to national global strategy. As a result, South-South Cooperation on Climate Change needs to be further developed and enriched on the basis of existing aid. This report focuses on the benefit of donor countries, and aims at making some recommendations for China’s South-South Cooperation Fund on Climate Change, in reference to some international experiences of some developed countries and regions.


This paper summarizes key issues related to the role of green and development finance in fostering sustainable, low-carbon and climate resilient development that were discussed during a multi-stakeholder workshop on August 22nd 2016 in Shanghai, China. It outlines recent green finance initiatives taken by the Chinese government, including during its 2016 G20-presidency, and suggests concrete steps for the incoming German G20-presidency to further that work.


China launched “The Belt and Road Initiative”, aiming at promoting the interconnection and extensive cooperation in economic and trade, infrastructure, finance, culture and other aspects among the countries, especially the developing countries along “the Belt and Road”, helping them to achieve independent, balanced and sustainable development. Due to the vulnerable ecological environment, the most important risk requiring attention and managment is environmental risk of investment projects of the countries and regions along “the Belt and Road”. It is the key challenge to the success of construction and investment in “Belt and Road” regions and sustainable development of the countries along “the Belt and Road”, so it needs multilateral development banks and financial institutions of countries to build capacity and deepen the cooperation in knowledge and banks’ policies development.


Greenovation Hub is a local Chinese NGO focusing on environment and development with international outlook. We will deliver this periodic “Observation” on China’s oversea investment and its global ecological impact to promote awareness and understanding. The “Observation” will present multiple views and perspectives, to identify real problems and to solve real problems so as to promote China’s “going out” in a more responsible and more sustainable way.

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