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China Daily | On the front line of climate change
Chinadialogue | Chinese firms struggle to fund renewables projects overseas
TheThirdPole | No end to coal in Pakistan

Against the backdrop of climate change, rural in China women are particularly vulnerable, as they are sensitive to climate-related risks and also because they are more than men, depend on natural resources for their livelihoods. A lot of efforts could be made to address such vulnerability and contribute to effective climate mitigation and adapation.


Difficulty in obtaining financing, or sovereign guarantees from host nations, is impacting on the‘bankability’of BRI renewables projects, report finds.


Despite the rise of renewable energy as a cost-effective alternative, Pakistan remains wedded to coal power for reasons that have little to do with economics.


The global commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement reflect that the “elephant in the room” has received wide attention. Severe problems such as environmental pollution, natural resource depletion and climate change arising from development-oriented economic activities are nowadays internationally recognized.


Can China’s new Arctic policy protect the region’s delicate ecology?


Inspection Panel Chairman Gonzalo Castro de la Mata and Panel Member Jan Mattsson joined representatives of other Independent Accountability Mechanisms took part in a one-day workshop with Chinese banks with substantial overseas investments in the context of the country’s One Belt, One Road Initiative to discuss adherence to highest environmental and social standards and the establishment of redress mechanisms. The workshop was organized by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Banking Association, the Green Finance Committee of the China Society for Finance and Banking, and the Greenovation Hub.

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