Environmental Risk Management Initiative for China’s Overseas Investment was officially issued in 5 September, 2017.


As one of the member organizations of the Green Finance Committee, Ghub participate in the research and release of the Initiative, and has been promoting environmental and social risk management in China’s overseas investment so as to decrease its ecological footprint over the recent years.

"Environment Risk Management Initialtive For China's Overseas Investment" was officially released on the International Symposium on Green Finance in September 5. Chinese financial institutions and enterprises may voluntarily adopt the Initiative when carrying out overseas investment. The Initiative encourages enterprises to fully understand, prevent and manage environmental and social risks associated with overseas investment projects, strengthens environmental information disclosure, and encourages active application of green financing tools and environmental liability insurance, promotes green trade finance and green supply chain financing, and enhances environmental risk management capacity building. G:HUB contributed the first and seventh articles of the initiative.