第 22 期 | 蓝色脉搏·海洋生命共同体速递



导语 Introduction



Highlight 1

We released four special issues between New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year, and the regular issue is back! Probably the most talked about event in the world during that period was the inauguration of the new US administration. Within a week of taking office, the new President, Joe Biden, not only rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, but also announced his intention to protect 30% of America’s oceans and land. His conservation ambitions are commented on in an article included in the Opinion section.


不同的人在提到“蓝色经济”的时候指的可能并不是同一件事,本期的学术板块中的一篇文章针对这种认识或者说关注上的差异做出了回应:蓝色经济不仅仅是在传统的海洋经济上的修修补补,而是需要在治理、金融、商业模式上通过创新来实现范式的转变。时讯里关于迈阿密Seaworhty Collective的行动的支持范围则展示出在这种范式转变在技术层面的变革需求。

Highlight 2  

Different people may not mean the same thing when they refer to the ‘blue economy’. An article in this issue’s Academic section responds to this difference in understanding: the blue economy is not just patch-works to the conventional ocean economy, but a paradigm shift requires innovation in governance, finance and business models. The scope of support for the Miami Seaworhty Collective’s initiative in the News section demonstrates the need for change at the technological level for this paradigm shift.

时讯 News

厄瓜多尔军舰环绕一艘涉嫌非法捕捞巨型鱿鱼的中国渔船航行 | Alamy  制


South America plans regional response to squid overfishing. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina are pledging to cooperate on policing the international squid fishing fleet at the edge of their waters.


(2)MPA News提出应关注关于海洋保护区(MPA)金融的三个新概念,以及从业者将如何探索它们的可能性:(1)海洋保护区、公私合作伙伴关系和协作管理;(2)利用移动金融技术激励当地社区保护海洋野生动物;(3)围绕可量化的气候管理工具网络构建海洋保护区融资机制。

MPA News highlights three new concepts for MPA finance, and how practitioners are exploring their possibilities: (1) MPAs, public-private partnerships, and collaborative management; (2) Using mobile financial technology to incentivize local communities to protect marine wildlife; (3) Building MPA financing mechanisms around a network of quantifiable climate management tools.



The 5th International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) is confirmed for 23-29 June 2022 in Vancouver, Canada.



World Trade Organization members have restarted negotiations on ending harmful fisheries subsidies, with the key issue of exemptions for artisanal fisheries and developing nations under debate.



Two tuna-fishing vessels with ties to China have been seized in Vanuatu after being accused of engaging in illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities.


(6)总部位于迈阿密的初创公司Seaworthy Collective正式启动了“海洋变化机遇计划”,支持一些当下有抱负的海洋企业家群体(被称为“海洋创变者”),支持他们为复苏海洋的影响力进行创新。

Seaworthy Collective (SC), a new Miami based start-up is empowering a community of current and aspiring ocean entrepreneurs (known as sea change makers) to innovate for regenerative ocean impact, officially launches their Opportunities for Sea Change initiative.


观点 Perspectives

印度尼西亚西巴布亚岛附近的大眼鲷鱼群 | Steve Bloom 摄

(1)Mark Godfrey:“主要参与国之间的矛盾阻碍了世贸组织达成终止有害渔业补贴的协议。世贸组织的所有成员国都表示他们致力于达成一项终止能力提高补贴的协议,而中国和俄罗斯正在同时加大船队增强计划的力度,这与谈判的目标相反。”

Mark Godfrey:” Contradictions among the key players block the way to a WTO deal on ending harmful fishing subsidies. While all member states at the WTO say they’re committed to a deal on ending capacity-enhancing subsidies, China and Russia are simultaneously ramping up fleet enhancement initiatives that stand in contrast to the goals of the negotiations.”


(2)Tom Dillon:“拜登总统的30%保护承诺不仅对生态,对人类来说也是好消息。追求和实现这一目标获益匪浅,不仅对大量野生动物及其栖息地,而且对人类也是如此。越来越多的科学证据表明,成本效益好的气候变化解决方案中,有三分之一可能来自大自然。”

Tom Dillon:” President Biden’s 30% conservation commitment is good news for people, too. Pursuing and meeting this target could yield significant benefits, not only for a huge range of wildlife species and their habitats, but for people as well. An increasing body of scientific evidence indicates that one-third of the cost-effective solutions to climate change could come from nature.”


(3)Sandro Dujmović:“疫情期间吸引新游客的机会仍然存在。我们只需要认识到这些机会,并将现状转化为我们的优势,而不是认为问题无法解决。我们相信,人们会回到大自然,更多地欣赏大自然的美景,减少呆在室内的时间。这对我们来说是一个巨大的机遇,同时也意味着巨大的责任,因为我们(克罗地亚的Brijuni国家公园)首先是一个国家公园,在这里旅游业的发展决不能优先于自然保护。”

Sandro Dujmović:” During the pademic opportunities still exist to attract new guests. We just need to recognize those opportunities and turn the situation into an advantage for us, instead of thinking that we have an unsolvable problem. We believe that people will turn to nature, visiting its beauties more and spending less time indoors. That represents a great opportunity for us – together with great responsibility, since we are primarily a national park where tourism must never be ahead of nature protection.”



Julian Chen:” At the recent annual meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), a daggers-drawn dispute between New Zealand and Russia over alleged overfishing by a Russian-flagged vessel demonstrates the limitations of high seas fisheries management mechanisms, and the challenges involved in ensuring compliance. The task for signatories now is to restore and protect good faith negotiations so CCAMLR can again focus on substantive issues.”


(5)Elizabeth Claire Alberts:“海洋保护区的扩大将有助于保护受威胁的洄游物种,阻止不可持续和非法捕鱼行为,甚至会促进厄瓜多尔合法捕鱼业的发展。”

Elizabeth Claire Alberts:” The marine reserve expansion would help protect threatened migratory species, deter unsustainable and illegal fishing practices, and even bolster the legal Ecuadoran fishing industries.”


(6)Olive Heffernan:“去年12月,14个国家承诺在2025年之前实现本国海域百分之百可持续管理。该计划由可持续海洋经济高级别小组提出,为恢复全球海洋生态系统制定了蓝图,从而使得海洋提供更多的食物和就业机会,助力于经济发展,并帮助减缓气候变化。但是,高级别小组的海洋保护愿景能否实现将取决于其能否获得政治和经济支持。”

Olive Heffernan:” In December, 14 nations committed to managing their waters 100% sustainably by 2025. The plan, conceived by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, sets out a blueprint for restoring marine ecosystems globally, in a way that provides more food and jobs, benefits the economy and helps to mitigate climate change. Whether the panel’s vision for ocean recovery can be achieved will ultimately depend on whether it can garner political and financial support.”


学术 Academics


[Climate·Ocean] Toward a better understanding of fish‐based contribution to ocean carbon flux




[Fisheries management] Ecosystem service lens reveals diverse community values of small-scale fisheries




[Ocean ecosystem] Overfishing and habitat loss drive range contraction of iconic marine fishes to near extinction

本研究使用空间-时间的方法来跟踪锯鳐的空间收缩情况和数量减少的驱动因素。这些标志性的、濒临灭绝的鲨鱼状鳐鱼曾经在90个国家的温暖沿海水域被发现,现在估计已经在一半以上的国家(n = 46)灭绝。利用动态地理学理论,我们预测锯鳐至少将在另外9个国家消失。过度捕捞和栖息地丧失减少了生存空间,导致90个国家中55个国家的局部物种灭绝,相当于锯鳐历史分布的58.7%。为了确保锯鳐和类似物种的未来,保持捕捞禁令和保护物种栖息地至关重要。



[Area-based management] Benefits and gaps in area-based management tools for the ocean Sustainable Development Goal




[Blue Economy] Deep aspirations: towards a sustainable offshore Blue Economy




[Fisheries management] Fisheries management as a Stackelberg Evolutionary Game: Finding an evolutionarily enlightened strategy



其他资料 Other resources

【渔业管理】联合国粮农组织渔业委员会第34届会议(COFI 34)
[Fisheries management]34th Session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI 34)

【环境治理】IISD | 2020全球环境治理现状
[Environmental Governance] IISD | State of Global Environmental Governance 2020

[Area-based management] Resources on MPAs and COVID-19: Biodiversity conservation during COVID – Impacts on the marine environment and economy – Grants

【生物多样性】TNC | 珊瑚礁保护遥感和绘图在线指导课程
[Biodiversity] TNC | Remote Sensing and Mapping for Coral Reef Conservation Mentored Online Course

[Ocean ecosystem] New report reveals insights into the condition of natural and cultural resources of Papahānaumokuākea – Continued active management efforts necessary to combat human and natural effects

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2021年03月03日 网络研讨会 运用3D规划海洋空间
2021.03.03 Webinar Planning Ocean Uses in 3D

2021年03月09日 网络研讨会 2021“海洋的秘密”系列讲座,与Katharine Mach博士
2021.03.09 Webinar Sea Secrets Lecture Series 2021 with Katharine Mach, Ph.D.

2021年03月16日 网络研讨会 海洋底拖网捕鱼对气候的影响:英国脱欧后对沉积物碳储存的管理
2021.03.16 Webinar The climate impacts of offshore bottom trawling: Managing sediment carbon storage in the UK post-Brexit

2021年03月16日 网络研讨会 2021线上海洋课堂教师研讨会
2021.03.16 Webinar 2021 Virtual Ocean Classroom Teacher Workshop

2021年03月17日 网络研讨会 2021线上海洋课堂教师研讨会
2021.03.17 Webinar 2021 Virtual Ocean Classroom Teacher Workshop

2021年03月23日 网络研讨会 气候变化下为海洋保护和渔业移动的动态海洋保护区
2021.03.23 Webinar Shifting MPAs for conservation and fisheries under a changing climate

2021年04月20日 网络研讨会 海洋社会科学网:促进理解人类与海洋的关系
2021.04.20 Webinar The Marine Social Science Network: Promoting understanding of people’s relationship with the sea

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2020年11月30日 网络研讨会 座头鲸在夏威夷的文化意义
2020.11.30 Webinar The Cultural Significance of Humpback Whales in Hawai’i

2020年12月09日 网络研讨会 24年的毛伊岛海龟保护与夏威夷野生动物基金会
2020.12.09 Webinar 24 Years of Maui Sea Turtle Conservation with Hawai’i Wildlife Fund

2020年12月17日 网络研讨会 NASA的卫星如何帮助保护帕帕哈瑙莫夸基亚国家海洋保护区的珊瑚礁
2020.12.17 Webinar How NASA Satellites Help Protect the Coral Reefs of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

2021年01月07日 网络研讨会 He Huliko’a Kanaloa——追寻Kanaloa的深处:夏威夷人对海洋的宗教理解
2021.01.07 Webinar He Huliko’a Kanaloa—Seeking the Depths of Kanaloa: Hawaiian Religious Understandings of the Ocean

2021年01月21日 网络研讨会 我们做得怎么样?10年帕帕哈瑙莫夸基亚国家海洋保护区的资源现状和趋势
2021.01.21 Webinar How are we doing? 10 Years of Status and Trends of Resources in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

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题图:厄瓜多尔军舰环绕一艘涉嫌非法捕捞巨型鱿鱼的中国渔船航行,Alamy | 制。