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导语 Introduction

关键点  南极海洋正成为全球自然保护的重要议题。在近十年,该议题已经进入中美、中法、中德的国家元首级对话的议程中,此次在中国智利建交50周年的首脑对话中也再次被提及。同时,民间的南极海洋保护行动,在南极半岛附近的自主禁渔措施升级为2.0版,也可以看作是对官方进程的温柔敦促。

Highlight  The Antarctic ocean is gaining more weight in global nature conservation. In the last decade, this issue has entered the agendas of heads of state bilaterally between China and the USA, China and France, China and Germany.  Recently, it has been touched upon in the presidential dialogue between China and Chile in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Meanwhile, on the non-governmental side, the voluntary krill sanctuary near the Antarctic Peninsular setup by the krill industry and NGOs has been updated. It can be seen as a form of gentle pressure to the official negotiation.

时讯 News

中国智利两国元首庆祝建交50周年 | Prensa Presidencia 制


On the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Chile, the heads of state decided to continue cooperation on the designation of marine protected areas in the Antarctic Peninsula. The President of Chile values China’s commitment to carbon neutrality and has agreed to continue working constructively on the establishment of a new marine protected area in Antarctica, the so-called “Domain 1”.



An NGO-industry collaboration to protect the Antarctic Ocean today announces a big step forward with a year-round closure of a 4500km2 area of the ocean around Hope Bay in the northern Antarctic Peninsula. The move is supported by the Association for Responsible Krill fishing (ARK) and an NGO coalition of Greenpeace, Pew, WWF, and Oceanites.



Norway’s prime minister reveals plans to protect the world’s oceans on fisheries, fossil fuels and the future of the oceans.



Norway fishing sector fears more Marine Stewardship Council eco-labels may be in jeopardy. Loss of MSC certification could have dramatic consequences.



New research highlights the potential that genetic variation in Atlantic salmon offers for advancing aquaculture production. The new study, which involved sequencing the genomes of 492 Atlantic salmon, is the first major investigation of structural variation in any farmed fish.


观点 Perspectives

John Krzesinski 2012 摄

(1)Lisa Levin等:“上周《联合国气候变化框架公约》(UNFCCC)举行了首次海洋与气候变化对话。现在是时候让海洋在应对气候变化的斗争中起带头作用了。”

Lisa Levin et al.:” Last week, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held its first ocean and climate change dialogue. It’s time for the ocean to lead the way in the fight against climate change.”


(2)D. Laffoley等:“后新冠疫情时代的海洋叙事演变,需要为子孙后代和更健康的地球保留和扩大其选择和机会。它围绕六个主题进行阐述:(1)所有生命都依赖于海洋;(2)伤害海洋就是伤害自己;(3)保护海洋就是保护自己;(4)人类、海洋、生物多样性和气候是密不可分的;(5)海洋和气候行动必须同时进行;(6)扭转海洋变化需要现在就采取行动。”

D. Laffoley et al.:” The evolution of post-Covid-19 ocean narratives aims to preserve and expand options and opportunities for future generations and a healthier planet. It is organized around six themes: (1) all life depends on the ocean; (2) to harm the ocean is to harm yourself; (3) to protect the ocean is to protect yourself; (4) humans, oceans, biodiversity and climate are inextricably linked; (5) ocean and climate action must go hand in hand; and (6) reversing ocean change requires action now.”


(3)Ceridwen Fraser等:“不同于其他海洋,南大洋的生态富饶程度对全球气候至关重要。”

Ceridwen Fraser et al.:” As an ocean like no other, the Southern Ocean with its remarkable ecological richness displays a significance for global climate.”


(4)Blue Planet Society:“超级拖网渔船‘Margiris’号的一名前船员吐露:在毛里塔尼亚沿海捕捞金枪鱼的时候,捕捞的其他的渔获物数量同样非常庞大。船长把所有误捕渔获都当作垃圾都扔到了海里。这绝对是一场灾难,这些巨大的渔网毫不留情。”

Blue Planet Society:” A former crewmember of the supertrawler Margiris spills the beans: The bycatch was insane going after Bonito off the coast of Mauritania. Captain threw all the garbage overboard. It was an absolute catastrophe. These gargantuan nets have no mercy. “


(5)Sarah Carr:“在采访了一批从事创新社会科学工作,并对改善海洋保护和管理实践具有很大的潜力(或有良好的记录)的其他社会科学和跨学科研究人员后,我们更新了先前的报道。他们的工作包括使用认知图谱来创建加勒比地区渔民如何看待和组织世界的心理模型,测试‘轻推’如何以成本效益高的方式,促进对保护条例的遵守,以及对社区如何参与海洋规划过程以减少排斥和怀疑开展创新。”

Sarah Carr:” We update our previous coverage by interviewing an ensemble of other social science and interdisciplinary researchers doing innovative social science work with great potential to improve (or a proven track record) of improving marine conservation and management practice. This work ranges from the use of cognitive mapping to create mental models of how fishers in the Caribbean view and organize the world, to testing how ‘nudges’ could cost-effectively increase compliance with conservation regulations, to innovating how communities participate in marine planning processes to reduce feelings of exclusion and suspicion.”


学术 Academics


[Ocean planning] Ocean planning for species on the move provides substantial benefits and requires few trade-offs




[Ocean ecosystem] Decades of dietary data demonstrate regional food web structures in the Southern Ocean




[Area-based management] Shifting seas, shifting boundaries: Dynamic marine protected area designs for a changing climate



(4)【海洋治理】南极治理中的 “互捧”:局限和机遇

[Ocean governance]“Logrolling” in Antarctic governance: Limits and opportunities

探讨了当前两个案例研究,揭示了南极条约体系内部的压力点。第一,在南极海洋生物资源保护委员会中,澳大利亚提出了在南极洲东部海域建立海洋保护区的建议,中国和其他一些国家对此表示反对。第二,在南极条约协商会议上,中国提出了对昆仑站周边地区进行特殊管理安排,澳大利亚和其他一些国家对此表示反对。谈判理论认为,”互捧”(即在不同议题的决策中交换赞成票)是避免外交僵局的有效策略。因此,我们考虑在上述问题上采用该策略的优点。我们发现,虽然在 南极条约体系中采用该战略可能有助于在短期内取得外交上的成功,但它会带来很大的风险,例如削弱现有的规范。


其他资料 Other resources

【打击IUU】Trygg Mat Tracking(TMT)和C4ADS今天发布的一份新的简报聚焦于一捕捞行业的新问题:利用复杂的所有权结构,如空壳公司、幌子公司和合资企业,来掩盖非法作业和最终实益所有人
[Fisheries management] A new briefing published today by Trygg Mat Tracking (TMT) and C4ADS puts a spotlight on the risks associated with fishing operations utilizing complex ownership structures such as shell companies, front companies, and joint ventures to both cover up illegal operations and hide ultimate beneficial ownership.

[Blue Economy] Ocean Solutions that Benefit People, Nature and the Economy
A report commissioned by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

[Fisheries management] Effects of Aquaculture on World Fish Supplies

[Blue Economy] Fostering a blue economy: Offshore renewable energy

活动 Events

>>预告 Upcoming Events

2021年03月01日 培训 性别平等在实现可持续蓝色经济成果中的作用
2021.03.01 Fellowship Role of Gender Equity in Achieving Sustainable Blue Economy Outcomes

2021年01月14日 网络研讨会 处理保护区内的海洋垃圾:最佳实践和实例
2021.01.14 Webinar Addressing marine debris in protected areas: Best practices and examples

2021年01月15日 网络研讨会 美国国家海洋和大气管理局的珊瑚干预行动计划
2021.01.15 Webinar NOAA’s Action Plan on Coral Interventions

2021年01月23日 网络研讨会 海龟探索教育者线上工作坊
2021.01.23 Webinar Virtual Sea Turtle Exploration Educator Workshop

2021年01月28日 网络研讨会 如何开展科学工作以使其影响海洋政策和管理:小组讨论
2021.01.28 Webinar How to do science so it influences marine policy and management: A panel discussion

2021年02月08日 会议 2021年海岸地理工具大会
2021.02.08 Conference Coastal GeoTools 2021

2021年02月09日 网络研讨会 制定一项监测和评估海洋垃圾的国家计划:吸取的经验教训
2021.02.09 Webinar Building a State Plan to Monitor and Assess Marine Litter: Lessons Learned

2021年02月25日 网络研讨会 珊瑚礁生态进化动态:未来气候变化下海洋保护区网络的适应性和连通性
2021.02.25 Webinar Coral reef eco-evolutionary dynamics: Adaptation and connectivity in MPA networks under future climate change

>>回顾 Recordings

2020年11月10日 网络研讨会 为可持续发展的海洋经济投保:保险业的深入研究
2020.11.10 Webinar Insuring a Sustainable Ocean Economy: A Deep Dive for the Insurance Industry

2020年11月18日 网络研讨会 转运的透明度:新兴技术可以指明海上鱼类转运的道路
2020.11.18 Webinar Transparency of Transshipment: Emerging Technology Can Shine a Light on the Transfer of Fish At Sea

2020年12月16日 网络研讨会 现在是2021年了吗?企业对海产品合法性和人权的尽职调查–我们的现状和未来
2020.12.16 Webinar Is it 2021 yet?! Corporate Due Diligence on Seafood Legality and Human Rights – Where We Are and What’s to Come

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