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Greenovation Hub (GHub) is an independent environmental think tank with a global outlook, registered with the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

GHub advances the policy development and dialogues in cutting-edge areas of sustainable development, seeks innovative solutions to quality growth, climate resilience and carbon neutrality in China and beyond, contributing to a net-zero and nature-positive future.

In order to lead the youth to focus on the environment, climate change, energy transition, biodiversity and green finance, we launched ourINTERN PROJECT”.


Scrupulous, responsible and communicative;

Eager to explore and improve individual’s abilities;

Enthusiastic about public welfare with the spirit of dedication;

Expecting to be devoted to the environment field, and take actions;


The internship requires a commitment of a minimum of 3 days per week, and will last for at least 3 months continually;

Hold at least a bachelor degree in a relevant major, Environmental Science & Policy, Law, International Relations, Economics, Finance, and Sociology are preferred;

Be comfortable to communicate in English at an intermediate level at minimum.


Work with a minded, enthusiastic, efficient and professional team;

A team with many years' experience in climate change, energy policies and international negotiation;

Obtain the latest information on climate change, green finance, oversea investment and the Belt and the Road Initiative;

Attend professional meetings and trainings to improve individual's working abilities;

Get knowing the operation of an NGO, keep in-depth contact with experts in the environmental field.


G:HUB has witnessed the growth of excellent interns since 2013. Let’s see what they have obtained from G:HUB.

ZHU Yifan

Tsinghua University    Mar. - Jul. 2021   Biodiversity Finance Team

As for me, the four months of my internship in Greenovation Hub have been a wonderful experience. I am very grateful for the trust from my supervisor Jiayi and the opportunity that Greenovation has given me to have an in-depth understanding of biodiversity and financial investment, the role of financial institutions in World Heritage conservation, and to make some contributions on related issues. Since joining Greenovation Hub, I have been impressed by the enthusiasm of my colleagues in the organization the rise of China's local philanthropic organizations, and I have also been deeply impressed by the sense of social responsibility that " everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world”. In the days to come, I hope I can become a person with a broad vision and actively contribute to the improvement of the world. I am grateful for this lovely journey, I have grown a lot! Wish you all the best and thank you all.

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Join our family by [INTERNS PROJECT APPLICATION FORM] if you want to accumulate valuable and unforgettable internship experience. As we receive many applications for the advertised positions, we are unable to respond to applicants who are not invited for an interview. We apologize for this in advance. We will send an email notification to suitable candidates within 5 working days after receiving the application. If you don’t receive the email, your resume will enter our talent pool. All information collected is for recruitment purpose only.
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