CHANG Minghong


Beijing Foreign Studies University    Jan. -Apr. 2021    Climate and Energy Sector

The three-month working experience has also granted me loads of new knowledge and skill. At the very beginning, what I knew about climate change was limited to what I had learned in class, that climate change is one of the various problems that demands international coordination and cooperation to deal with. For the first time, I became aware that the problem of climate change and environment deserves to be prioritized by the whole world and every individual. But for many people -- unfortunately this is the case for the majority, their patch of knowledge on climate change do not suffice to raise their awareness or stimulate their action, nor do they wish to familiarize themselves with relevant issues proactively. Moreover, during the three months here, I was privileged to celebrate Spring Festival with the staff, in such a special form as the wished we had written were distributed randomly by drawing lots; I also witnessed how attentive they were to secretly prepare a present when someone’s birthday was around the corner. I simply could not imagine a more agreeable environment to work in.