CHEN Siyuan


University of International Business and Economics 2020 Ocean Governance Sector

The two-month internship in Greenovation Hub is a wonderful journey. I’m grateful to this precious experience, and to everyone I met here, especially to my mentors - Jiliang, Meijia and Yutian. Without their help I could never enhance my working capability and learn all of these efficient working techniques. Working for NGO has always been a dream to me, and this internship was absolutely a dream-come-true, which has expand my horizon and made me feel closer to environmental protection than ever. I learned how to view things in an interdisciplinary way, and how to conduct a research step by step. What GHUB showed me is not only the professional skills, but also the sense of responsibility as human-beings. As a student who major in international trade and economics, I will remember all I have learned here, and apply them to my future career.