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How to accurately define marine protected areas is a controversial issue in marine conservation and management. Issue 36 focuses on marine protected areas, the academic panel introduces a classification method to evaluate protected areas in terms of the level of implementation based on objective facts, which provides new insight for scientific marine conservation.


Regulation is the permanent keyword of marine conservation and governance. Issue 35 focuses on regulation, presenting suggestions, critiques, and case studies from society and academia on government regulation in terms of regulation approach, regulation intensity, and regulatory decision-making.


Has the future of the ocean been determined? Our answer is: Not yet. Issue 34 brings a lot of good news about ocean conservation: more targeted government policies for ocean protection, new technologies to mitigate pollution, more sustainable aquaculture practices, new approaches to ocean conservation, and researchers’ deeper understanding of the environment.


The recently released Climate Change 2021: the Physical Science Basis explains the impact of climate change on the environment. As an important part of the Earth’s ecosystem, the ocean is also a focus of attention in the field of global climate governance. Issue 33 introduces topics related to climate change that can provide experience and guidance for ocean governance and protection of marine life.


This issue highlights key information on sharks and fisheries conservation. To better protect sharks, people must overcome stereotypes about them and actively promote conservation policies. In addition, the essays in the academic section discuss how people should make the right decisions in fisheries management and conservation to safeguard our blue sea.


By the time you read this issue of Blue Pulse, the Special Ministerial Meeting will have come to an end and hopefully there will be positive signals coming out. Indeed, reform of fisheries subsidies could greatly help fill the funding gap mentioned in the paper Financing a Sustainable Ocean Economy in the Academics section. Let’s look forward to that.

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