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Greenovation Hub (GHub) is an independent environmental think tank with a global outlook, registered with the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

GHub advances the policy development and dialogues in cutting-edge areas of sustainable development, seeks innovative solutions to quality growth, climate resilience and carbon neutrality in China and beyond, contributing to a net-zero and nature-positive future.


Race to a Net-zero and Nature-positive Future!


Promote cross-sectoral dialogue through independent thinking, and enable wider public participation in environmentalism.

Foster synergy among civil society, business and the government to accelerate the green transition in China and around the world.

Core value

Ecological, Inclusive, Collaborative


We are a dynamic and passionate team, with diverse backgrounds, independent thinking and an innovative spirit. As green transition is advancing in China and the world with civil societies developing rapidly, we join together to build ‘a greener future’.

As a Chinese environmental NGO with balanced approaches of a think-tank and advocacy organization, we have been conducting research, and fostering constructive dialogues  to promote cutting-edge environmental policy-making; we also encourage more public awareness and participation through innovative and inclusive communications regarding climate resilience and environmental sustainability.

To a greener & carbon neutral future, bon voyage!

By Auto: Drive from Chongwenmen West Street (崇文门西大街) into Qi Nian Street(祈年大街), drive south 900 meters, turn left, enter Zhu Shi Kou East Street Auxiliary Road(珠市口东大街辅路), drive 250 meters, turn right, and arrive at Fengtai Center (丰泰中心).
By Metro: From Exit D of Ciqikou Station (磁器口) on Line No. 5, heading West for 270 meters along Zhu Shi Kou East Street Auxiliary Road (珠市口东大街辅路), turn left and arrive at Fengtai Center (丰泰中心).
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Address:Room 515, Fengtai Centre
No.2 Zhu Shi Kou East Street
Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Tel:+86 10 8447 7697
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