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Greenovation Hub is an environmental Think-Do organization with a global outlook.


We promote the development and implementation of sound climate and environmental friendly policies through conducting in-depth analysis and research, and fostering dialogues among stakeholders, in order to drive China’s green transition towards a sustainable, equitable and climate resilient future, contributing to the reduction of global ecological footprint.


In order to lead the youth to focus on the environment, climate change, energy transition and green finance, we launched ourINTERN PROJECT”.



Scrupulous, responsible and communicative;

Eager to explore and improve individual’s abilities;

Enthusiastic about public welfare with the spirit of dedication;

Expecting to be devoted to the environment field, and take actions;


The internship requires a commitment of a minimum of 3 days per week, and will last for at least 3 months continually;

Hold at least a bachelor degree in a relevant major, Environmental Science & Policy, Law, International Relations, Economics, Finance, and Sociology are preferred;

Be comfortable to communicate in English at an intermediate level at minimum.


Work with a minded, enthusiastic, efficient and professional team;

A team with many years’ experience in climate change, energy policies and international negotiation;

Obtain the latest information on climate change, green finance, oversea investment and the Belt and the Road Initiative;

Attend professional meetings and trainings to improve individual’s working abilities;

Get knowing the operation of an NGO, keep in-depth contact with experts in the environmental field.


G:HUB has witnessed the growth of excellent interns since 2013. Let’s see what they have obtained from G:HUB.

WU Chengzhuo  

Minzu University of China  2018  Ocean Governance Sector & Communication Department

Out of a love of environmental protection and curiosity of NGOs, I joined GHUB, an organization with passion and professionalism. As a student majoring in environmental engineering, what I had learned was limited to technological treatment, and I knew nothing about policy advocacy back then. During my internship here, I learned the power of both words and sounds. In the Marine Sector, I witnessed the global efforts to protect the Antarctic ocean. In the Communication Department, I learned the art and skills of communication. All of my colleagues here were very friendly and humorous, and the working atmosphere was excellent. The experience in GHUB has broadened my horizons and diversified my thinking styles.


CAI Huiming

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China 2018  BRI Green Development Sector

During the summer, I was very happy to be one of the members at the Greenovation Hub, beginning my internship life for almost three months there. It was a very precious and unforgettable experience for me, mainly reflecting on the below aspects. Firstly, it provided me a great platform to deeply understand what NGOs are, and how do they operate and develop in the atmosphere of China. This new acknowledge has helped me to rethink my career plan. Additionally, diverse work contents have enriched myself from different ways, which involve in assisting my manager to finish relevant research and professional journals, to organize academic salon activities and workshops. To a larger extent, these tasks have not only expanded my horizons but also improved my professional skills. Most importantly, the impressive thing what I've got at Greenovation: Hub is the capability of teamwork. My line manager and all of my colleagues helped a lot from the perspectives of both work and life, all of them were so kind and professional, making me feel so warm and I can learn too much from each of them. I really appreciate everyone who I have met and everything that I have experienced at Greenovation Hub in the summer of 2018, Thanks so much.


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The application of the Internship Poject is suspended. If you have any questions, please contact us via email (policy@ghub.org) . Thank you!
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