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China Climate Alert is a weekly flagship product of Greennovation Hub, which aims to provide timely, effective and free news, analysis and resources for opinion leaders and decision makers in climate and energy sectors. Climate Alert focuses on key moments in global and domestic climate governance, and practices of exploring low-carbon economies at home and abroad. Our timely reporting and analysis with a global outlook aims to create an indispensable information platform for climate and energy stakeholders, to generate discussions about climate action and energy transformation among a wider audience, and to promote the society to form concerted efforts to cope with climate change. Since its commencement in 2013, Greennovation Hub has published more than 200 issues of China Climate Alert.

China Daily | On the front line of climate change

Against the backdrop of climate change, rural in China women are particularly vulnerable, as they are sensitive to climate-related risks and also because they are more than men, depend on natural resources for their livelihoods. A lot of efforts could be made to address such vulnerability and contribute to effective climate mitigation and adapation.

Opportunities and Challenges for China’s Renewable Energy Overseas Investment Case Country Study (Vietnam)

With Vietnam as an example, this report analyzes the status quo and trend of renewable energy and power planning, action against climate change, environmental laws & regulations and governance objectives, and cooperation with China in the field of energy and power under the BRI. It also discussed the barriers, risks and opportunities faced by China in its investment in renewable energy in Vietnam. While it also provides practical suggestions for the Chinese government, financial institutions, enterprises and the Vietnamese government on policy support, action is needed to promote China’s investments in renewable energy in Vietnam.

TheThirdPole | No end to coal in Pakistan

Despite the rise of renewable energy as a cost-effective alternative, Pakistan remains wedded to coal power for reasons that have little to do with economics.

Opportunities and Challenges of Belt and Road Overseas Investment in the Power Sector under the Paris Agreement – Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan

With Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan as country case studies, the report examines the opportunities and challenges of BRI power investment under the Paris Agreement, to provide recommendations for Chinese policy makers and investors to align BRI investments with climate targets in the near and long term.

The Agenda of Side Events for Belt and Road Green Development and Climate Governance

Green and Road Green Development Partnership looks forward to your attendance.

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